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Oh Heyyyy!!! 

so nice to meet you. 

First of all, thank you for being here. Thank you for being apart of my client community and for finding beauty in my work. I can't express my gratitude enough for the amazing community of clients I have been blessed to come across and work with over the years! 
A little glimpse into my life...
My love for photography started young, as I was always the one at summer camp running around with the disposable camera, annoying friends to take a photo all together. Now these are the days in the late 1900's (oh my goodnesss...yessss the late 90's) when we had to purchase a disposable camera and hope we took a decent photo on it, cause you wouldn't find out until after you got your photos developed. Now with camera attached to phones it is so accommodating and effortless to capture everyday memories. My mission, and goal is to capture those timeless professional photos you can display across your LOCK screen, and hang in your home. 
Having a hospitality background my focus and core has always been my client. I come from the world of hospitality and in that industry it is all about doing what you can to really take the client on an entire experience and ensure they leave happy. You will see my hospitality side come out in many ways, but one example is when you come for a studio session. You will find snacks and drinks ready for you upon arrive so you can enjoy your session to the fullest and leave with a treat. 
I started shooting weddings back in 2008 along side my husband as we wanted to make money on the side to start our future together. With a few twists and turns and 2 beautiful children later photography took a back seat as I focused on raising my two young children. 
Now with 6yrs under my mommy belt a little wiggle room has let me step back into my passion. In 2021 I made the decision to really but every single cell in my body into my business. Making my business an LLC and taking on a new name in April of 2022, just a year ago...I am so thrilled and thankful for the journey and growth of my business. 
I am always learning and growing in my business as I am a risk taker and love to try new things to see what sticks. I am thankful for the entrepreneur spirit that my oldest brother Jerry instilled in me. I thrive on brining my clients new and excited sessions along side dipping my toe into new styles of photography. 
I want to leave you by saying....
Nice to meet you. 
I hope to capture your beautiful moments in the future, and thank you for being here and for supporting me by hitting like on posts, and expressing your love for them. 

your photog, 


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Celebration, FL


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