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5 Tips on How to Style Your Family for Your Next Photo Session

Here are 5 tips on how to pick your wardrobe for your next photo shoot.

#1 Choose a color palette

Depending on what season you are doing your photo shoot in will depend on your color palette you choose. Some of the most interesting photos have a variety of colors and patterns in the same color palette. The days of wearing the same exact color shirt or same print are dated. Pinterest is a great way to grab inspiration and see which color palettes spark your interest. If you go on Pinterest and search fall color palettes a variety of pins and links will come up for you to choose from. I also offer a style guide for my clients if they need a little inspiration to help. You also can pull in a few different prints. My suggestion would to be keep one print bold and the other one more light. For example a bold print would include a thick solid stripe while a light print would include small flower print on a dress.

#2 Not everything needs to be BoHo.

Right now the BoHo, dark moody vibe is definitely in and if that is your style and vibe more power to you and I am here for it as I love BoHo. That is not necessarily everyone’s vibe or style. Stay true to your self and your own personal style. Take your time to figure out what is flattering toward you and style everyone around a garment that you love. As a mom, we always put ourselves last so when it comes to these photo shoots with your family you put yourself first. Find a garment that you absolutely love and fits you beautifully. Then work around that garment for everyone else to fit your style. Be authentically you and you can never go wrong.

#3 Everyone needs to match.

The days of everyone wearing a pair of jeans and a white top are long over. Everyone has their own unique personal style. This is a fantastic opportunity to let everyone have a moment to shine in their own way. Touching back on tip number 1 finding a color palette is key. Everyone can have their own personal style within that color palette. Although, I am a sucker for Buffalo print in Christmas the days of everyone matching do look a little dated. Do what works for you and let everyone be in a garment that feels good to them. This is so crucial when you have teenagers as well because their own personal style can be something that is sensitive. Let them choose their own outfit within that color palette. It can also be such a wonderful bonding experience if the kids get to choose their own outfits for the photo shoot as I know being a mom we usually go ahead and just pick everyone’s outfits for them. Believe me I totally get it and it’s just easier that way because we know exactly the vision we’re going for, but if you do have older kids sometimes they really love being a part of it.

#4 Accessories.

Don’t forget to take the time to accessorize your outfit as well. Sometimes we just find a dress or an outfit for ourselves and we don’t take the time to accessorize it in a special way. Taking family photos is not something you do on a weekly basis so really take this time to cater towards yourself. Even finding a new pair of shoes or a bracelet that is something special that you can purchase just for the photo shoot. It makes it even more special that you have some thing new and also you will always remember it. It will become sentimental to you in the future. I love Pandora charms. Every time we have a special moment or a mile stone I love getting another charm as it resembles a sentimental moment in my life. If you accessorize your outfit for the photo shoot and maybe buy yourself a new bracelet, necklace, ring, etc. You can always look back and remember the special moments you shared during the photo shoot. I think accessories are something we don’t even think of as moms. We just put on our same jewelry that we have around so take this time to purchase a little something special for yourself.

#5 1st Day of School

Lay your clothes out the night before. You know on the first day of school when your mom would put out your outfit for the first day. This is exactly what you should be doing the night before your photo shoot. Make sure everyone’s outfit is steamed and ironed. Everyone is ready to go and super excited for the photo shoot. I also have some clients that will take their clothes with them to the location and change on location so nothing gets dirty. It’s really up to you as long as you are prompt and on time. The photographer will be so happy to see you in your pristine new garments. Taking the time to make sure your crew is ready for the photo shoot is crucial and will save you a lot of trouble and the day of the session. Just checking off the small little boxes the day prior to your photo session well really help to get you all set for the big day.

I hope these tips help and as always I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about styling your clients if you are a photographer. I am here and also offer mentoring to photographers.

Reach out to me anytime with any questions and I hope this finds you well and I can’t wait to see all of your style at our next photo shoot.

Alexis Mann

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