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Cake Smash & Splash Sessions 

How do they work? 

Cake Smash and Splash photography sessions are perfect for capturing your little one's milestone birthday. We provide a white seamless backdrop for the cake smash and you can also choose balloons and/or banners along with a few props in line with the theme you have for your little one's special day. Let us help you capture those unforgettable memories forever. A #1 along with a cake stand and the antique tub is also provided for the splash/milk bath for the session. 

Client also gets to choose either a bubble splash or a milk bath. All of this is included in the package pricing. Just need to bring the cake and the baby to the session. Cake is not included in the session. Client will bring the cake with them. I do have recommended vendors that give a discount to my clients, please let me know if you like those referrals for cake. 

What types of themes do you offer?

At my photography studio, I offer themed cake smash sessions for clients who are looking to capture their child's milestone. For these sessions, I provide a minimalist look with the paper seamless back drop allowing clients to choose their own flare with colors, balloons, florals, and props. If you have a unique vision for your session, I can also make it happen with add-ons to customize the session as well outside of the balloons and props.

Do you offer bundle packages? Cake smash and Family photos?

Let us capture the beauty of your family in a unique and creative way! Our family photo add-on to your cake smash session is the perfect way to add a special touch to your special day. Please choose the family photo add-on when booking your session, and we can capture clean portraits with your baby using the seamless backdrop, or do a mini session prior to the studio session. Let us know if you would like to add this special feature to your package and we will make sure to accommodate your needs.

What should I expect the day of?

At our photography studio, we want to capture your family’s most precious moments. To ensure that your little one is relaxed and happy during the session, please bring everything that helps them smile - any favorite toys, songs, or shows that they enjoy. We recommend doing a few trial runs at home with your phone to get them comfortable sitting on their own without mom or dad holding them, since they will be sitting on their own for a good amount of time during the session.

You can bring 1-2 outfits and we will start with baby portraits, move on to a fun cake smash, and end with a splash session. Don't forget to bring a towel to wrap them in, and a plastic bag for soiled clothes! We promise to capture every moment of your baby's special milestone.

These sessions are 40mins-60mins depending on baby. I do all in my power to get those smiles and sometimes it can be pressure so I have a few tricks, but parents know best. Anything you can think of to get those smiles save it for the session and we can use them once baby is in place and ready for their portraits. 

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