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Cake Smash Sessions 

How do they work? 

Once a client contacts me about a cake smash session I find out from them and colors they are going for. I offer a variety of backdrops as well as color options Once we lock down a theme, I will see what type of props the client is interested in. I offer balloons, banners, and ONE props along with the backdrop, and flooring in your pricing. I have a variety of backdrops and props to choose from. 

The Cake: I work with local bakeries that that client can choose from to make the cake. The bakery will make the cake, and deliver it to me before the session. The client will have everything set up for them upon arrival. 

As a premier Orlando photographer I know what it takes to capture the best shot of your little one, and also work closely with each client to make their vision come to life. 

What types of themes do you offer?

Boys: White brick with color accents, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Mr. ONEderful, Under the Sea, Minimalist

Girls: White brick with color accents, Encanto, boho Rainbow, ONE in a Melon, Lemonade, Honey Bee, Pink Wall 

Choose your own: If client is looking for a specific backdrop/theme I do not have in stock I work with their vision and send a quote for the specific set up. 

Do you offer bundle packages? Cake smash and Family photos?

I do offer bundle packages for the whole family to enjoy this milestone moment. We take photos at a nearby park for about 20mins with baby, and then head to my outdoor studio for the cake smash session. For bundle pricing please inquiry and will send you a quote. 

What should I expect the day of?

When you show up to the cake smash expect to get your cardio in for the day. I will have everything set up and ready to go once you arrive. The babies are on the move at this age, and it is a team effort to get baby and photog moments. I will ask mom and/or dad to help place baby in a certain spot to take the shot. I may ask mom and/or dad a couple times to move baby back, as they are on the move and love to explore at this age. I will not touch baby, but use song, and fun sounds to get baby to look at me. It really is a team effort, so bring an extra person with you for these sessions if you can. 

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